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NameTagsLength VRAltitude
Achinhoan Head [4] Cave424311
Loch More Sink No 2 Cave42378
Loch More Upper Rising Cave42374
Cults Mine Mine, ManMade, Archaeo20000145
Newbigging Mine (main entrance) Mine, ManMade, Archaeo100003585
Barjarg Mine Mine, ManMade, Archaeo50001065
Bowden Hill Mine [hole 3] Mine, ManMade, Archaeo3000181
Bowden Hill Mine [hole 4] Mine, ManMade, Archaeo3000162
Bowden Hill Mine [hole 3a] Mine, ManMade, Archaeo3000170
Claonaite (Uamh an) Cave, Archaeo260058343
Birkhill no 3 Fire Clay Mine Mine, ManMade, Archaeo200020
Cnoc nan Uamh [Overview] none175083221
Cnoc nan Uamh System Cave, SSSI175083221
Birkhill no 1 Fire Clay Mine Mine, ManMade, Archaeo160020
Castleland Mine Mine, ManMade, Archaeo160080
Allt nan Uamh Stream Cave Cave150040320
Whitrope Tunnel Tunnel, ManMade1105
Charlestown Mine Mine, ManMade, Archaeo1000530
Philpstoun No 1 Mine - Entrance 5 Mine, ManMade, Archaeo10003080
Philpstoun No 6 Mine Mine10003065
Ratho Park Cundy Tunnel77170
Rana Hole Cave65060365
South Park Wood Railway Tunnel Tunnel, ManMade600180
Bhreugadair (Uamh a') [lower entrance] Cave56510110
Palace of Holyroodhouse Tunnels Tunnel, ManMade, Archaeo500
Bowden Hill Mine [hole 1] Mine, ManMade, Archaeo500185
Bowden Hill Mine [hole 2] Mine, ManMade, Archaeo500177
Bowden Hill Mine [hole 6] Mine, ManMade, Archaeo500200
Bowden Hill Mine [hole 7] Mine, ManMade, Archaeo500200
Piper's Cave Tunnel, ManMade, Archaeo500

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