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Gorm Loch Mor Cave [4] Cave
Gorm Loch Mor Cave [5] Cave
Spider's cave Cave, SeaCave292
Blockie Head subterraneous passage (N entrance) Cave, SeaCave48-1
*cave (Sandend E 3) Cave, SeaCave15.56.317
*cave (Back Doo Thirl 1) Cave, SeaCave, ManMade11.86.83.5
*cave (Back Doo Thirl 2) Cave, SeaCave4013.63
*cave (Back Doo Thirl 2A) Cave, SeaCave42.22.5
*cave (Back Doo Thirl 2B) Cave, SeaCave2.63.22
*cave (Back Doo Thirl 3) Cave, SeaCave84
*cave (Back Doo Thirl 4) Cave, SeaCave30-1
Sclate Cowes E cave Cave, SeaCave24
Sandend Limekiln (SW) none2110
Sandend Limekiln (NE) ManMade, Archaeo, Other1.9110
*cave (Sandend E 1) Cave, SeaCave3.833
*cave (Sandend E 2) Cave, SeaCave311
Two hole arch Arch3115
*cave (Braidon Bay 1) Cave, SeaCave4.32.511
Cave under Kaim (of Mathers - SW entrance) Cave, Arch, SeaCave, NNR48202
Cave under Kaim (of Mathers - NW entrance) Other48202
Bowman's Hole Arch9
*cave (SW of Skiddy Craig) Cave, SeaCave101
Dark Dungeon Cave, Arch, SeaCave6061
*cave (Newtonhill Bay N1) Cave, SeaCave66812
Giant's Leg Cave Cave, SeaCave120-22
Booth's Clock (W) Cave, SeaCave3510.4-0.6
Booth's Clock (E) Cave, SeaCave12-0.5
Arch of the Dark Dungeon Arch350.5
Gullane BeachCave Cave, Archaeo132.110

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