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Coille Dhubh [Dig 1] (Flood Resurgence) Rising324
4 Metre Rift Cave44325
Ciste Ghrinneal (Uamh na) Cave6325
Coille Dhubh [Dig 2] Shake325
Tri Mheatairean (Toll nan) Cave3325
Tom Tit Hole Cave20325
Tillson's Pot Cave5326
Allt a' Bhealaich Cave Cave, Lost60328
Leac an Ath-Urachaidh ( Toll) Cave4.75328
Glenamuckrach Rock Shelter [1] Cave, Sink2012330
Flood Rising Rising330
Gilkerscleuch Mine III Mine, ManMade, Archaeo330
Gravel Scoop Cave Cave5330
Foss Rising Cave, Rising18331
After Dinner Hole Cave61.5335
Allt Coire Sheileach Cave [1] Cave451335
Campbell's Cave [Allt nan Uamh] Cave, Dig4520335
Miniature Pot none40335
Root Tunnel Cave5335
3-Gs Cave Cave, SSSI66340
Allt Coire Chaluim Cave, Fissure90340
Ciste Ghrinneal (Uamh na) [2] Cave340
Gillander's Cave [2] Fissure158340
Pipe Sink Sink340
Gillander's Cave [1] Cave, Fissure458340
Craigdullyeart Lime Works Mine, Quarry, ManMade, Archaeo10340
Claonaite (Uamh an) Cave, Archaeo, SSSI3426110343
Chnoc na Creige (Uamh) Cave8.2350
Henderson's Pot Cave, Fissure37350
Crudha-Eich nan Tri Boghan none4350

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