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NameTagsLength VRAltitude
Spurnell's Cove SeaCave95352
Cold Water Cave [1] Cave98163
Holborn Head [7] Cave, SeaCave990
Ard (Uamh) Cave10030480
Birkhill no 2 Fire Clay Mine Mine, ManMade, Archaeo10050
Yellow Rock Cave Cave, SeaCave1005-1
Foss Cave 1 Cave, SSSI100352
Kentallon Cleft Cave10010100
Odin's Cave Cave1004010
Levenish Letterbox Arch100
Geodha Dubh Seilearo Arch, SeaCave1000
*Natural Arch Arch1000
*Natural Arch Arch1000
Stronsay Cave [12] Cave, Arch, SeaCave10030
R1359 (An Dubh Sgeir) Cave, SeaCave100-2
* Natural Arch [Yell] Cave, Arch, SeaCave100
Hols Hollier Cave Cave, SeaCave100
Yellow Rock Cave (E entrance) Shake, Other1005-1
Deil's Dungeon Cave, SeaCave10015-1
Seilg Geo Cave, Arch, SeaCave100200
Maw Craig Cave (SE entrance) SeaCave100-3
Maw Craig Cave (N entrance) Other100-3
Dark Cave (SW) Cave, SeaCave10295
Dark Cave (NE) Other10215
Auchencat Burn Copper Mine Mine, ManMade, Archaeo105
Duilean Bhriste (Uamh an) Cave1067126
Fraisgall Cave Cave, SeaCave106150
Sgeinne (Uamh) Cave10710.761
Glenbain Hole Cave, Archaeo11033161
Piper's Cave (Portling Bay) Cave, SeaCave1107

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