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Gilkerscleuch Mine I Mine, ManMade, Archaeo415
* Rock Shelter (Lochgoil) Cave, Archaeo415
Top Cave Cave, Dig20415
Dig (Little Rock) Dig415
Little Rock Cave302.5415
Soggy Bottom none21.5415
Aquidneck Dig, Hole1.51.5415
Tuonela Cave Cave16423
Boom Pot Cave55425
Watership Downs [I] Cave8425
Watership Downs [II] Cave25425
Watership Downs [III] Cave13425
Birch Cave Cave5430
Ease Allt Tullich (Uamh) Adit, ManMade, Archaeo10430
WS1 Hole1.51.5430
Tom na Fuine Resurgence Cave Cave, Rising4432
Mhor (Uamh) [Lochgoil] Cave, Archaeo3440
Tom na Fuine (Uamh) Cave18441
Laural & Hardy Slit Cave443
Diebidale Mine Mine, ManMade, Archaeo450
Ossicular Hole Cave122450
Chluanaidh (Uamh) Cave, Archaeo21450
Meall Luaidhe Mine Mine, ManMade, Archaeo470
Siosalaich (Uamh an t-) Cave470
Ard (Uamh) Cave10030480
Zebra Pot Cave45495
Tom a' Mhor Fhir (Uamh) Cave38499
Resurgence Cave Cave500
Ease Tom a' Mhor Fhir (Uamh) Cave18510
Fox Hole Hole4.5535

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