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Eighe (Pol) [eyehole] Cave, Sink, SSSI6.53220
Champagne Hole Cave, Hole7220
Maiden's Bower Cave, ManMade, Archaeo220
Carnshalloch Limestone Mine Mine220
Newton Farm Cottage Upstream Caves ManMade, Archaeo1.51.6220
Screapadal Risings Rising220
Screapadal Pothole Cave, Hole, Shake10220
Cnoc nan Uamh [Overview] none175083221
Pothole Entrance, Cnoc nan Uamh none221
Human Bung (The) Cave10221
Tartair (Uamh an) [Cnoc nan Uamh] Cave221
Campsite Sink Sink221
Cnoc nan Uamh System Cave, SSSI175083221
Argus Cave Cave, Hole276225
Lady Di's Hole Cave118227
Un-named Cave Cave, Dig, Sink6227
Guthan (Uamh an) [rising] Rising228
Badger's Den Cave228
Shelter Stone [2] Rock Shelter Cave228
Allt Coire Sheileach Cave [2] Cave173230
Betula Hole Cave12230
Garmel Shaft Shaft, ManMade, Archaeo230
Magnum Pot Cave, Dig1311230
Laird's Cave [1] Cave, Archaeo2.51.8230
Losgainn (Poll) Hole65233
Midgefeeder (The) Cave, Archaeo6233
Cloinne (Uamh an) Cave12235
Cloinne (Uamh an) [shakehole entrance] Cave, Shake235
Gold Mine (Balquhidder) Mine, ManMade, Archaeo, Lost235
Hairpin Hole Cave8237

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