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NameTagsLengthVR Altitude
Sgeildige M Cave, SeaCave6025-10
Giant's Dome Cave, SeaCave, Archaeo922515
Hol O Bordie Cave, Arch, SeaCave35025-14
Hol O Bordie (West) Other35025-14
Hol O Bordie (East) none35025-14
Faraid Head Sea Cave [3] Cave, SeaCave15258
Dovethirl Cove N Cave, SeaCave, SSSI2025-13.7
Petrie's Hole Cave, SeaCave4026-6.9
Arch of Dunbuy Arch7270
MacKinnon's Cave [Mull] Cave, SeaCave150285
Draught Caledonian Cave15529322
Ard (Uamh) Cave10030480
Lower Traligill Cave Cave20030168
Oir (Uamh an) [Annat] [1] Cave3030
Philpstoun No 1 Mine - Entrance 5 Mine, ManMade, Archaeo10003080
Philpstoun No 6 Mine Mine10003065
Storm Cave Cave7230280
Puffin Cave Cave, SeaCave, SAM300
Palmallet Head 1 SeaCave36300
Bow Fiddle (Nat Arch) Arch930-2
Henry's Scorth East Cave Cave, SeaCave, SSSI21330-3
Lucky Ewe Pot Fissure5030
Dovethirl Cove S Cave, SeaCave, SSSI14030-9
South Seals Cave Cave, SeaCave15231-12
Glenbain Hole Cave, Archaeo11033161
Cave of Coffin [blowhole] Fissure, Shake1183430
Newbigging Mine (main entrance) Mine, ManMade, Archaeo10003585
Seal Cave [Gress] SeaCave180350
Christie Hole Cave, Hole, Arch, SeaCave17935-2
Stack o' Brough Natural Arch [NE] Cave, Arch, SeaCave66350

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