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Ice Stal Cave Cave380
Olwen (Uamh an) Cave20380
Potential Dig Cave Cave, Sink, Rising4380
Walk in Cave Cave17380
Foss Cave 5 Cave20383
Lockhole Cave [1] Cave25384
AHS Cave Cave182385
Glenfintaig Cave Cave18.36385
Eas Allt Tulloch (Uamh) Cave, Adit, Trial, ManMade, Archaeo101.8390
Ellary Rockshelter Cave2390
Lockhole Main Sink Sink6394
Raspberry Pot Cave94394
Deer Fence Hole Cave, Hole5395
Sloping Rift Pot Cave108395
Radain [2] (Toll) Hole395
Lassintullich Cave [1] Cave40397
Lockhole Cave [2] Cave16397
U-Boat Cave Cave26399
Albion Pot Cave400
Gin Trap Cave Cave5010400
MacClave's Pantry Cave, Archaeo400
Chamber Pot [Appin] Cave31018400
Gobern Cave Cave32400
* Cave (Bruthach nan Uamh) [2] Cave400
Trinafour Rising Cave, Rising65405
Lassintullich Cave [2] Cave14409
Billy Marshall's Cave Cave132410
Trinafour Lower Cave Cave, Sink85410
Trinafour Upper Cave Cave12410
Lassintullich Cave [3] Cave4412

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