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NameTagsLengthVR Altitude
Dickmont's Den Cave [NW entrance] Cave, Arch, SeaCave12020-1
Sgeildige E Cave Cave, SeaCave9120-5
Brei Holm Cave Cave, Arch, SeaCave, Shake150200
An Fhaing Natural Arch (W) Cave, Arch, SeaCave120200
Dun Through Cave (1) [S] Cave, Arch, SeaCave120200
Wallace Bridge Cave, Arch, SeaCave, Shake5020-5
Tremuda Subterranean Passage Cave, Arch, SeaCave6320-4
Uamh Slochd a' Bhioram Cave, Fissure, SeaCave15200
Tremuda NW (4) Cave, SeaCave40207
Wallace Bridge N Cave, SeaCave9020-8.5
Seilg Geo Cave, Arch, SeaCave100200
Cave under Kaim (of Mathers - SW entrance) Cave, Arch, SeaCave, NNR48202
Cave under Kaim (of Mathers - NW entrance) Other48202
Craobh Sheileach (Uamh) Cave921122
Big Rob's Cave Cave, SeaCave4021-1
Trough Cove [North Entrance] Cave, SeaCave32322-3
CQ1 Cave, SeaCave, SSSI372220
Trough Cove [Middle Entrance] Other32322-3
Trough Cove [South Entrance] Other32322-3
Bowduns S SeaCave3922-1.1
Long Drop Cave Cave9523213
Valley Head Cave [lower entrance] Cave37623134
Cave of Coffin Cave, SeaCave11823-4
North Seals Cave Cave, SeaCave9223-10.9
Long Drop Cave Cave9523196
Bruin Cove Cave, SeaCave9423-7
Murder Hole none24
West Bay Cave Cave, Arch, SeaCave28624-12
Jamie's Hole (cave) Cave, Arch, SeaCave251
Queens (Cave of the) Cave25300

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