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Fly Plague Hole Hole2015255
Glenamuckrach Rising Rising13255
Harbourcraig [site 16] Shaft, ManMade, Archaeo00255
Onich Hole Hole88255
Allt Aoinidh (Pol) Cave, Sink260
Laglingarten Cave Cave3712260
Culcronchie Mine Mine, ManMade, Archaeo260
Lower Otter Hole Cave10260
Snake Pit Cave3211260
Stream Cave Cave4.5260
GMP Rockshelter & Sink [2] Cave, Sink260
GMP Sink [2] Sink260
Viewpoint Pot Cave30260
Beinn na Leac Deep Cleft Cave, Fissure, SSSI5240260
Tartair (Uamh an) [Knockan] Cave13545262
Poll Eoghainn (Uamh) Cave5117263
Black Finger Pot Dig55265
Clogaid a' Bha Air Chall (Uamh nan ) Cave863265
Coire Sheileach (Uamh) Cave1567268
Glenamuckrach Pot Cave1158268
GMP Sink 1 Sink269
Slit Pot Cave, Fissure, Lost19.111.2270
Fincharn River Cave Cave27270
Willow Tree Hole Cave259270
GMP Sink [3] Sink270
Turnhalt Cave Cave270
Belafonte Cave Cave12270
Shelter Stone [3] Rock Shelter Cave270
Beinn na Leac Other Fissures Cave, Fissure270
Blar nam Fiadhag Pot Cave, Lost108274

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