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Lower Traligill Cave

Assynt, Traligill, SW of Glenbain, below waterfall, Sutherland.

NGR:NC 27067 20875
WGS84:58.14285, -4.93953
Length:200 m
Vert. Range:30 m
Altitude:168 m

Cave. Main sink for Traligill River fro Glean Dubh. Located at prominent bend in Traligill Valley at head of seasonally dry section above Traligill Rising. In wet weather overflows and resurges rapidly flooding valley below. Water levels in cave vary considerably. Entrance visible from some distance from Glenbain track, low & wide below broad arch floored with gravel and boulders, sumps in wet weather barring access to entire cave. Two interconnecting levels along strike of Traligill Main Thrust (tilted to north at 30 degree). Lower series normally flooded but in extremely dry conditions can be followed 50 m to point where water vanishes into tight slot on right. Confluence with subterranean drainage from Cnoc nan Uamh enters from left and may be followed upstream some distance to sump. Upper series follows rising passage to left a few metres inside entrance. After 10 m levels off opening out into 30 m of pleasantly decorated chambers containing numerous small and somewhat muddy helictites, columns and straws. Passage lowers and widens and 30 m of crawling leads to sharp right turn where stooping height muddy tube descends down dip to upstream sump. Part way down tube crawl to right leads back to lower series. Although water level in sump pool varies considerably roomy descent down thrust plane soon reaches underwater junction where main flow is encountered. Downstream dived inconclusively for 10 m but upstream passage follows bottom of roomy thrust plane for 30-40 m (route finding complicated by floor trenches and projections making progress cautious). In high water line surfaces in 'Scotch Mist' air bell where further short dive or duck (depending on water levels) leads to end of sump. In low water, exit pool appears long and oval with circular chamber (Scotch Mist) off to left. From end of pool vast inclined thrust plane leads off along strike. At floor level, aqueous flat out crawl in stream can be pursued 30 m to where water cascades down from higher level. In low water could be pushed further possibly upwards for 20 m to high level overflow route with scalloped floor. Horizontal progress for 15 m over cobbles leads to descending trench where squeeze gains further section of thrust plane, too tight after 20 m. Thrust plane 15 m wide at top of which a series of low bedding plane grottoes filled with straws and helictites lead of towards 'Northern Lights' region of Cnoc nan Uamh. Choked with mud and stal.

Alternate Names: Traligill Cave (Lower)

Notes: Warning: Entrance can sump rapidly in wet weather. Do not descend if rainfall taking place or imminent.

Cave first explored by SUMCC in 1947. Upstream sump passed by GSG in 1985 and pushed to current limit by GSG in 1993.

Previously there has been some confusion with Waterfall Rising. Check following references for relevance to Waterfall Rising or Lower Traligill Cave. Lower Traligill Cave seems more likely.

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