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Pretty Pol Cave

Assynt,Traligill, Sutherland.

NGR:NC 26112 22040
WGS84:58.15293, -4.95660
Length:8 m
Vert. Range:1 m
Altitude:125 m
Geology:Not recorded

Cave entrance on grassy east bank of Poll an Droighinn about 150 m upstream of the concrete crossing about 2/3 up bank. A comfortable elongated triangular hole beside young birch, only visible from west side of river, gives access to the side of a small angular passage The west side collapsed to create the opening to form cavity about body size long & wide. Thin flakes of breakdown litter floor.

Some flowstone decorates wall opposite entrance.

Upstream to left 2 m long tunnel, liberally strewn with flat blocks. Progress halted by choke of thin limestone blocks.

Downstream to right, a large slab on the floor explained entrance, providing tight squeeze down to the continuation an inclined wedge-shaped passage disappearing into gloom. 4 m of passage with damp dirt floor sporting immature flowstone and stal. At far end pile of rocks obscure what may be beginning of drop. Small voids dipped to right and might be clearable given sufficient motivation. However, at river level outside - perhaps 5 m below - a choked joint suggests a connection.

No surface features indicate swallow point & system seems formed tectonically, perhaps by undermining of limestone beds by Allt Poll an Droighinn.

Alternate Names: Uamh Poll an Droighinn

Notes: First explored by members of Queen Mary College Exploration Society in August 1959, then un-visited until 2004. Small hole on opposite bank of Allt Poll an Droighinn, upstream of Cave of the Jedi. First explored 1959 by J. 'Spider' Hawthorne who pronounced it some 26 ft long & christened it, Pretty Pol. During intervening decades doubtful if cave witnessed more than whisper of caving traffic.

Alan Jeffreys (Goon) noted entrance July 2003. Only one member (Martin Hayes) knew of it, but most surprisingly not noticed during all digging trips in 2003. Goon returned fully kitted Sun. 27 June 2004, determined to explore all it had to offer. In long grass 2/3 up steep river bank, hole only visible from N side of river (easily fordable at this point).

Goon noted to pass constriction, via tight triangle, was a trifle committing. 'In stages, I divested myself of battery and belt, then tape waist length and just managed to force the short obstacle before having to remove my oversuit.'

Original coordinates match supposed new cave 'Uamh an Poll Droighann'.

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