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Brolainne (Uamh na)

Islay, Ballimony, Lossit, Tormisdale, Port Froige, Argyllshire.

NGR:Not recorded
WGS84:Not recorded
Length:Not recorded
Vert. Range:Not recorded
Altitude:Not recorded
Geology:Not recorded
Tags:Cave, SeaCave

Sea cave in Gneiss with Amphibolites.

Alternate Names: Uamh na Brolainne, Churning Waters (Cave of the)

Notes: OS Name Books (1870s) has 'Brùlainn, Bròlainn, Brólainn anything hashed or mangled; The explanation of Mr Roberts, Beauly. cf Brothlainn (bròlainn!) seething of currents'. Dwelly: brothluinn (f) 'agitation, confusion, struggle; meeting of tides, struggle between wind and tides.' Note also Dwelly broilein m 'manyplies in an animal's stomach [OED 'the omasum or third stomach of an animal']'; in Badenoch 'pig's snout'.

Note also Uamh na Brolainne R NR17 54 424, on Islay;

From 'Brolainn' (a meeting of currents or tides) a literal translation would be 'the Cave where the Currents Meet' however a good translation (but not literal) would be 'the Cave of the Churning Waters'.

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