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Raspberry Pot

Kishorn, Coille Dubh, Wester Ross.

NGR:NG 87933 44687
WGS84:57.44282, -5.53550
Length:9 m
Vert. Range:4 m
Altitude:394 m

Pot. On short steepening above previous sites [Uamh Ath-Urachaidh an Og- Losgainn & ?] is sinkhole with tree. Sling or short rope aids entry. At base of [4-5 m] pot passage divided by large rock heads S for 3 m. Passage lowers to crouch & ascending slope leads to boulder choke, Eyehole opens to 0.6 m high chamber (left & uphill). At least 3 m more visible. Dig deemed 'suicidal'.

Gaelic translation dubious. Subh-chraobh is Raspberry Bush, Subh-Chraoibh is a raspberry, singular. Subhaig would appear to be a place of pleasure (from subh - pleasure or delight and aig - place or source of).

Alternate Names: Subhaig (Toll an t-)

Notes: Found by Jim Salvona, 1983.

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