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Mhor (Uamh) [Bholsa]

Islay, Bholsa, Argyllshire.

NGR:NR 39840 78370
WGS84:55.92780, -6.16644
Length:Not recorded
Vert. Range:Not recorded
Altitude:Not recorded
Geology:Not recorded
Tags:Cave, Archaeo

Cave, contains deposits and constructions.

There are several forts built in the isles that are in fresh-water lakes, as in Ilan-Loch-Guirn, and Ilan-Viceain; there is a fort called Dunnivag in the south-west side of the isle, and there are several caves in different places of it. The largest that I saw was in the north end, and is called Vah-Vearnag; it will contain 200 men to stand or sit in it. There is a kill [kiln] for drying corn made on the east side of it; and on the other side there is a wall built close to the side of the cave, which was used for a bed-chamber; it had a fire on the floor, and some chairs about it, and the bed stood close to the wall. There is a stone without the Cave-Door, about which the common People make a Tour Sunways. [Martin Martin]

Alternate Names: Big Cave, Bholsa (Great Cave of), Great Cave of Bholsa, Fhearnaig (Uamh), Uamh Fhearnaig, Vearnag (Vah), Vah Vearnag, Bholsa (Uamh), Uamh Bholsa, Bolsa Cave, Great Cave of Bolsa, Bolsa (Great Cave of)

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