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'005' [Rassal Mine]  Rassal Copper Mine 

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'004' [Rassal Mine]

Kishorn, Rassal Wood, Wester Ross.

NGR:NG 84898 43311
WGS84:57.42905, -5.58475
Length:Not recorded
Vert. Range:Not recorded
Altitude:Not recorded
Geology:Not recorded
Tags:Dig, ManMade, Archaeo, SAM

Although previously assumed to be natural the location of dig 004 is very close to the site of Rassal Copper Mine. Aerial photographs suggest this may be part of the mine with a very visible spoil heap surrounding the dug hole.

The site consists of the remains of an early copper mine situated on sloping ground west of Rassal Wood. This mine was opened around 1775, but abandoned due to transport difficulties. The mining complex consists of several elements. The most prominent is a trench 50m to 60m long with spoil heaps to either side. The trench was excavated to follow a vein of copper and is a maximum of 4m wide and 5m to 6m deep. Downhill from the trench, but exploiting the same vein of copper, is the entrance to a small mine adit. To the S of the trench and mine are the remains of a stone built enclosure and 2 rectangular buildings - it appears likely that these are associated with the process of copper extraction. Traces of a track lead from the top of the trench to the E building.

The scheduled area measures 160m N-S by 160m E-W, to include the trench, mine, buildings, enclosure and trackway.

Alternate Names: None recorded.

Notes: Mar 2008 - position.

Not mentioned in Caves of Applecross & Kishorn. See also Rassal Copper Mine and dig 005.

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