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Black Cave of Barlocco

Dundrennan, Barlocco,, Dumfries & Galloway.

NGR:NX 78710 46660
WGS84:54.80010, -3.88830
Length:75 m
Vert. Range:13 m
Altitude:0 m
Geology:Not recorded
Tags:Cave, SeaCave

Cave. A large wild dismal cavern on the Barlocco shore.

On the Barlocco shore there are two caves, one called the White and the other the Black Cave. The entrance to the first is very high, which is not so with the other. [McKerlie]

Further west we have the great caves of Barlocco (OS Map ref NX 796 472), the largest on the Galloway coast. The Black Cave entrance is 60 feet high; it is 256 feet deep and 150 feet broad at the extreme end. The White cave is 252 feet deep. [Solway Smuggling]

The sea coast in this neighbourhood merits the attention of the mineralogist the natural philosopher and the painter. Two caverns upon the Barlocco Shore called the White and Black Cave are particularly worthy of notice The entrance to the former is as lofty as the mast of some great Admiral and its vast extent reminds the spectator of the airy and echoing Halls of Fingal in Staffa. The Black Cave is of an opposite and gloomy character and its dark caverns would form no unfit habitation for the water kelpy or Spirit of the Solway. [Chalmers]

On the wild wave-beaten coast the remarkable Caves of Barlocco were visited, the party being let down the cliffs by means of ropes and ladders furnished by the tenant of Barlocco, whose sons assisted in the process. The Black Cave, which is 256 feet long, 90 wide, and 40 in height, was first entered. It is a vaulted chamber, floored with shingle, and huge boulders are strewn about it. At the extreme upper end there is a little space above high-water mark whereon numerous rock-pigeons breed. [TDGNHAS]

Alternate Names: Barlocco Black Cave, Black Cove

Notes: Some confusion over caves of Barlocco as although two large caves - Black Cave and White Cave - are recorded there are no good descriptions and those which do exist are contradictory. Also according to aerial photography there are actually three large caves at Barlocco.

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