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Skye, Coille Gaireallach, Invernessshire.

NGR:NG 60200 19800
WGS84:57.20601, -5.97226
Length:3 m
Vert. Range:Not recorded
Altitude:52 m
Geology:Durness Limestone, Beinn An Dubhaich Granite (Skye Eastern Red Hills Centre: Phase 3) - Granite, Granophyric
Tags:Cave, Hole, SSSI

A hole in a grassy slope, downhill (north) and slightly east of Uamh an t-Sill. Probably a stream rising from a cave system. A short distance away, a hole below the trunk of large tree drops into 3 m of upstream passage ending in sump. [Caves of Skye]

The different vegetation types do serve to make the granite/limestone distinction very obvious, whilst in summer the deep bracken and profuse herbage of the woodland areas serve to make the cave entrances almost impossible to find. Several small streams sink and resurge up to half a dozen times in their courses down this hillside. [BCRA]

Alternate Names: C.G. 10, Coille Gaireallach [10]

Notes: Geological map shows a small island of granite within the surrounding area of limestone which suggests holes drop through thin layer of granite into limestone below. If the coordinates are correct (or at least close with only a 6 digit NGR) then aerial photographs suggest the cave may be near the edge of a clearing in the woodland (possibly related to the granite bedrock) at the lower end of a gulley running across the granite from Hallux Pot.

Coille Gaireallach is part of the Strath SSSI. Best example of an Oak and Birch/Hazel wood developed on Durness limestone. Situated on a gentle north-facing slope, a rich limestone ground flora alternates with acid heath and flushes, with open areas and sink holes.

Hydrographic Feeds: Granite hillside Beinn an Dubhaich

Hydrographic Resurgences: Minor feeder of the Allt Strath Suardal

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