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Grey Bear Cave

N of Trelung Ness, Aberdeenshire, (Kincardineshire).

NGR:NO 88042 81696
WGS84:56.92641, -2.19808
Length:18 m
Vert. Range:7 m
Altitude:10 m
Geology:Whitehouse Conglomerate Formation
Tags:Cave, SeaCave

An unusual supratidal cave which has a fairly chunky entrance, 11m wide. It looks as if pyramidal chunk had been taken out of the cliff. No obvious signs of direct wave action. Has a pool near the inner end fed by fresh water leaks from above, maybe fed by the stream that runs nearby on the rock platform to N, in wet weather. Used by rock doves.

Alternate Names: None recorded.

Notes: Visible from sea, but not easily accessible.

By land from the coast path at NO 88036 81656. Park at NO 87641 81612. The last climb down is short, but quite steep.

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