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Cnoc nan Uamh [Overview]

Assynt, Traligill, Sutherland.

NGR:NC 27624 20581
WGS84:58.14043, -4.92987
Length:1750 m
Vert. Range:83 m
Altitude:221 m


The 'Knoll' or 'Hill of the Caves' containing the Cnoc nan Uamh cave system (Cnockers). See also the separate entrances to this system; Uamh an UIsge, Uamh an Tartair and the Pothole entrance on the NW flank of the hill and the separate cave Uamh Cailliche Peiraig in the ravine on southwest of the hill.

Alternate Names: Cnoc nan Uamh, Cnoc an Uamh, Knoll of the Caves

Notes: Upstream static sump. Simon Brooks. Support: Mark Tringham. Entered sump to find peaty silt washed in or slumped down from sides of trench dug on last visit (April 2005). More skip loads extracted to reach previous limit. Despite setback way gradually unblocking & return planned.

Sat. 6 May Tony Boycott agreed to assist in dive in upstream static sump. Once more mud in sump slumped down & looked as full as ever. However, thin consistency rather than normal thick nature. With assistance from Dr. B. managed to remove over half dozen skip loads mud from sump & regain low air-bell in middle. Digging also opened low air-space between dive base & air-bell making communication easier & digging a lot easier. Reached some 12m into sump & things were improving. Records show sump around 15m long so end not too far away. That initial part of sump un-roofed seems to indicate it has no great volume & systematic extraction of sediment is having desired effect. Hopefully breakthrough next time.

See also separately named entrances - Uamh an Uisge, Uamh an Tartair and Pothole Entrance.

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