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Eighe (Pol) [Upper]

Assynt, Traligill, Glenbain, Sutherland.

NGR:NC 27014 21293
WGS84:58.14658, -4.94074
Length:12.5 m
Vert. Range:3 m
Altitude:205 m
Geology:Ghrudaidh Formation - Dolostone
Tags:Cave, Rising, SSSI

Larger sink hole opened up - small stream sinks under large boulder passage dug out to reach a small pool sump which was relieved to allow stream to drain down a narrow fissure. Small surface stream runs into rocky shakehole into blocked fissure under boulder (assumed entrance collapsed or infilled with gravel). Small rising approx 8-10 m downhill. Constricted entrance of debatable stability. Past this a steep, greasy downward slope descending about 3 m, at the foot of which a tight tube leads off to the left. Continues a couple of body lengths before becoming too tight. Several boulders blocking entrance and rocks blocking tube removed.

Alternate Names: Upper Pol Eighe

Notes: Confirmation is required that this is the cave referred to. There may be confusion with other potential cave sites in the same area. It is possible this cave may receive water from same stream as Pol Eighe (at NC 27040 21350 or NC 27014 21289). Dye testing required.

Hydrographic Feeds: Small stream on north side of Glen

Hydrographic Resurgences: Stream feeds into Traligill River

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