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Deargann (Uamh nan) [Scarba]  Cailleach nam Peur Cave [1] 

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Cailleach nam Peur Cave [2]

Scarba, Bagh Creagan nan Deargann, N of Gulf of Corryvreckan, Argyllshire.

NGR:NM 70710 02800
WGS84:56.16255, -5.69438
Length:Not recorded
Vert. Range:Not recorded
Altitude:20 m
Geology:Jura Quartzite Formation - Quartzite

Cave on the steeply sloping south-east facing shore of the island of Scarba, about 200 m north-north-east of Cailleach nam Peur.

Alternate Names: Cave of the Wife of Pears, Cave of the Stone of Fear, Cave of Terror Rock, Terror Rock Cave

Notes: Cailleach nam Peur - A Standing Rock on the South Coast of the Island of Scarba a short distance South of Ciste nam Arm and north east of Rudha Righinn. Sig. [Signification] "Wife of the Pears". [Scotland's Places]

This translation is dubious. Cailleach which does translate as woman or wife can also translate as rock or stone. Peur which is Gaelic for pear is derived from the French but can also be translated as fear.

There is no direct association between the stone (Cailleach nam Peur) and the cave.

See also Cailleach nam Peur Cave [1] and Uamh nam Deargann.

Hydrographic Feeds: Now None, previously Gulf of Corrievreckan

Hydrographic Resurgences: Now None, previously Gulf of Corrievreckan

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