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Glenbain Hole

Assynt, Traligill, N of Glenbain, Sutherland.

NGR:NC 26500 21690
WGS84:58.14994, -4.94975
Length:110 m
Vert. Range:33 m
Altitude:161 m
Tags:Cave, Archaeo

Cave. Immediately behind and above Glenbain Cottage. Reached by walking round boundary fence east of cottage and following obvious gulley up to skyline. Stream flows at top of gulley and cave entrance lies to west at top of 1st rise in commodious hollow taking drainage of two very small streams with a third close by to east. Grassy slope dips steeply under broken cliff face and entrance gained by climbing over/round huge blocks of limestone. 15 m wide low chamber with collapsed fault passage at the rear Small trickle of water floes along west floor of passage but easier to crawl along top of jammed boulders to short drop some 20 m in. Route passes slightly to left and enters small chamber formed by overhanging rocks. To left above drop, short choked crawl leads off for about 4 m. Floor of small chamber has been opened up by blasting and digging and unstable route leads down at about 45 degrees for about 4 m in partially boulder filled inclined rift to meet small streamway Section may be slightly blocked by movement of boulders from the floor of the chamber above. At the bottom of the rift a squeeze drops to the right into the streamway Upstream passage may be followed 5 m before pinching out. Downstream a short vadose canyon opens out onto 4 m free-climbable drop (hand-line advised) into No-Name Chamber at the top of a 10 m pitch. Inlet thought to carry surface stream passing east of cave entrance. On lower side of chamber extensive collapse reveals thrust plane. Access may be gained by climbing down short drop (easiest at right side) to low wide passage with stream running through boulders on right. Crawling across and down to far side access is gained to marked groove in floor. After 20 m climb down steeply inclined slope muddy sump pool reached. Sump dived to -12 m with no variation in dip. Very unpleasant.

Alternate Names: Glenbain Hole, Glean Bain Cave, Glennbain Cave

Notes: Possible pre-historic activity. Sediment containing charcoal collected by Mike Walker from left-hand side of entrance chamber (radio-carbon date 760±540 BC).

See also rescue from Glenbain Hole.

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