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Tur nan Calman [Overview]

Carnach Mor, Argyllshire.

NGR:NS 13580 99140
WGS84:56.14841, -5.00257
Length:Not recorded
Vert. Range:Not recorded
Altitude:Not recorded
Geology:Beinn Bheula Schist Formation - Pelite, Semipelite And Psammite

Generic reference to boulder and fissure caves near Tur nan Calman.

The name applied to a prominent mass of distorted slate rock (near summit of Carnach Mor) immediately at back thereof is situated a chasm of unknown depth.

"A cave in the side of a hill called Tur-nan-calman.'the fort of pigeons,'in the farm of Invernoadin is frequently visited. It is remarkable for the length of time a stone thrown in at the mouth of it continues to tumble down, with a remarkable noise, as if it were rolling over sheets of copper". Two caves marked on the 1866 OS map.

Alternate Names: Caves of the Tower of the Pigeons

Notes: Signification, Tower of the Pigeons.

See Tur nan Calman [1-4].

Hydrographic Feeds: None

Hydrographic Resurgences: None

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