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Drumwhisley Cave

Rinns of Galloway, Larbrax, Wigtownshire.

NGR:NW 96857 60773
WGS84:54.90026, -5.16980
Length:Not recorded
Vert. Range:Not recorded
Altitude:Not recorded
Geology:Kirkcolm Formation - Wacke

This appears from aerial photographs to be a raised beach sea cave above the rocky shore to the south of Cranberry Point at the north end of Broadsea Bay (north of Larbrax Bay).

Alternate Names: None recorded.

Notes: It is claimed Drumwhisley derives from Drummie islie which is supposed to mean lower slope. Cranberry may be a corruption of Crowberry (an alternative name for Bilberry). Crowberry Rock is described by the OS as being 9 chains S of Grave Slunk. (Cranberry point is further south and the cave further still). Approx. distance from Crowberry rock to cave (30 chains - 603 m SE).

There may also have been some confusion with Sir Andrew Agnew's Cave. While the local/family legend may have been applied to several caves along this stretch of the coast references to the the hiding spot of Sir Andrew being below the sea king's camp make it more likely that his cave was at Cave Ochtrie point (see Candle Cave) at the southern end of Broadsea Bay.

Hydrographic Feeds: Irish Sea

Hydrographic Resurgences: Irish Sea

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