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Coire Cheap Shakes Cave, Shake9.5914
Uachdar (Uamh nan) Cave6010895
Corrie Buie Mine Mine, ManMade, Archaeo250833
Meall nan Oighreag Mine none250775
Long Walk Cave Cave240762
Beinn Dubhcraig [Overview] Other700
Beinn Dubhcraig Top Sink Cave Sink207700
Beinn Dubhcraig Resurgence Cave Rising4690
Window Cave Cave7680
Beinn Odhar Level Mine, ManMade, Archaeo670
Ossian's Cave [Glen Coe] Cave655
Ben Odhar Lead Mine Mine, ManMade, Archaeo111.5650
Primrose Hole Cave83630
Loch Valigan Stream Sink Sink8625
Loch Valigan Vertical Dig Cave Shake5625
Blaeberry Resurgence Rising2620
Loch Valigan Shakehole Cave Cave93620
Loch Valigan [Overview] Other620
Owl Hole Cave242606
Allt Priomh Uamha Cave364580
Primrose Hole Hole7611580
Main Cave Cave40575
Tromham (Uamh) [1] Cave30550
Tromham (Uamh) [2] Cave8550
Tromham (Uamh) [3] Cave2010550
Poit (Poll) Hole8549
Pot Hole Shaft7545
Through Cave Cave12545
Pepper Pot Cave3010540
Fox Hole Hole4.5535

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