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NameTagsLengthVR Altitude
Inverarish Ironstone Mine [1] Mine, ManMade, Archaeo, SAM8000200110
Sanachan Copper Mine [Upper] Mine, ManMade, Archaeo13590
Applecross Sandstone Fissures Fissure30120
Claonaite (Uamh an) Cave, Archaeo, SSSI3426110343
Cnoc nan Uamh [Overview] none175083221
Cnoc nan Uamh System Cave, SSSI175083221
Castleland Mine [Culross] Mine, ManMade, Archaeo160080
Newbigging Mine (air shaft) Mine, ManMade, Archaeo70120
Blackdyke Mine, Quarry70
Trackside Pot Cave, Fissure26064320
Rana Hole Cave65060365
South Barr Mine60
Loch Mna Rift [2] SSSI60300
Righ (Uamh nan) Cave12.454148
Mhi-Chreidmhich [An Trannsa Iosal] (Uamh A') Cave5050355
Philpstoun No 1 Mine - Entrance 11 Mine, ManMade, Archaeo2005069
Sanachan Copper Mine [Lower] Mine, ManMade, Archaeo5075
Claig-ionn (Uamh an) [Glen Stockdale] Cave, Sink17548215
Cambusbarron Mine Mine, ManMade, Archaeo80004515
Tartair (Uamh an) [Knockan] Cave13545262
Knockan Pot Cave42312
Achanarras Mine Mine, ManMade, Archaeo7540110
Allt nan Uamh Stream Cave Cave, SAM150040320
Long Strip Shaft Mine, ManMade, Archaeo40
Kilsleven Mine Mine40
Odin's Cave Cave1004010
Stroma (Gloup of) [W] none165400
Rumbling Hole Cave, SeaCave30400
Devil's Breath Cave Cave, Fissure4540310
Clyde Tunnel ManMade130400

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