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Name TagsLengthVRAltitude
Zebra Pot Cave45495
Yoag's Haven Cave 2 SeaCave
Yoag's Haven Cave 1 SeaCave
Yester House Grotto Tunnel, ManMade, Archaeo208
Yessa Ness Natural Arch Cave, Arch, SeaCave1081
Yessa Ness Cave Cave, SeaCave
Yellow Stack Cave Cave, SeaCave
Yellow Rock Cave (E entrance) Shake, Other1005-1
Yellow Rock Cave Cave, SeaCave1005-1
Yellow Post Subterraneous Passage/Arch Arch, SeaCave23120
Yellow Man Rockshelter (The) Cave, Archaeo, Lost
Yell [Overview] none
XXXX (Uamh an) Cave35190
Wulver's Cave Other
WS1 Hole1.51.5430
WP4 Cave, SeaCave, Archaeo
WP30a Cave, SeaCave, Archaeo
WP30 Cave, SeaCave, Archaeo
WP3 Cave, SeaCave, Archaeo1
WP29a Cave, SeaCave, Archaeo
WP29 Cave, SeaCave, Archaeo
WP24 Cave, SeaCave, Archaeo
WP23 Cave, SeaCave, Archaeo
WP16 Cave, SeaCave, Archaeo
WP15 Cave, SeaCave, Archaeo
WP14a Cave, SeaCave, Archaeo
Woodside Hole Dig Dig
Woodside Forest Sink [2] Sink
Woodside Forest Sink [1] Sink
Woodside Dry Stream Bed Cave Cave

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