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Oban, Port nan Cuilc, Argyllshire.

NGR:NM 83245 28005
WGS84:56.39444, -5.51362
Length:Not recorded
Vert. Range:6 m
Altitude:Not recorded
Geology:Not recorded
Tags:Cave, SeaCave

The hill rising on the right is known as Dunuamhpuirt [Dunuabartich?]. This name furnishes a good illustration of that characteristic which forms so prominent a feature in Celtic nomenclature, where- by the salient traits of a place have been laid hold of, and made to do service in the designation thereof. Dun, is a hillfort, uamh, a cave, and puirt means a port. On the hill there probably was at one period a fort ; at its base there is a cave ; whilst to the little bay, Portnancuile, close at hand, in the shore of Kerrera Sound, was wont to come the ferry-boat from Kerrera long before the present ferry was in existence : hence the signification of the word, the hill/fort of the port. [Mackay's Guide, 1897]

Alternate Names: None recorded.

Notes: The cave mentioned has not been visited (or recorded) in modern times so may not be at the coordinates given.

Hydrographic Feeds: None

Hydrographic Resurgences: None

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