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Eighe (Pol) [Upper]

Assynt, Traligill, Glenbain, Sutherland.

NGR:NC 27029 21245
WGS84:58.14616, -4.94045
Length:12.5 m
Vert. Range:3 m
Altitude:205 m
Geology:Ghrudaidh Formation - Dolostone
Tags:Cave, Rising

Larger sink hole opened up - small stream sinks under large boulder passage dug out to reach a small pool sump which was relieved to allow stream to drain down a narrow fissure. Small surface stream runs into rocky shakehole into blocked fissure under boulder (assumed entrance collapsed or infilled with gravel). Small rising approx 8-10 m downhill. Constricted entrance of debatable stability. Past this a steep, greasy downward slope descending about 3 m, at the foot of which a tight tube leads off to the left. Continues a couple of body lengths before becoming too tight. Several boulders blocking entrance and rocks blocking tube removed.

Alternate Names: Upper Pol Eighe

Notes: It is possible this cave may receive water from same stream as Pol Eighe (at NC 27040 21350 or NC 27014 21289). Dye testing required.

Hydrographic Feeds: Small stream on north side of Glen

Hydrographic Resurgences: Stream feeds into Traligill River

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