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Begba Hole

Assynt, Traligill, downstream of Lower Traligill Cave, Sutherland.

NGR:NC 25839 21899
WGS84:58.15155, -4.96112
Length:7 m
Vert. Range:1 m
Altitude:108 m

A large undercut, the 7m length is mostly along the width of the undercut. Immediately (20-30m) upstream from Uamh nan Caluman [older descriptions of the location vary considerably placing it up stream or downstream of Uamh nan Caluman and east or west of the Allt Poll an Droighinn, so it is not certain if the same cave is described], an elliptical hole is obvious (just visible from the first waterfall upstream to the north and from the edge of the gorge to the south) in the east bank, about 2.5m above the level of the stream. A low, bedding-plane crawl may be traversed for about 7m before becoming too tight. At the back of the wide undercut the remnants of a bedding plane are just visible with a 1m tube off the north end.

Alternate Names: Eilean Dubh Formation - Dolostone

Notes: Since no-one can confirm the historic location of this cave, it has been tentatively identified in 2019 as an elliptical undercut on the east side of the Allt Poll an Droighinn. Access is possible by climbing down the steep bank to the south of the 'cave'.

Two other possible but less likely locations are the northern part of Uamh nan Caluman assuming a collapse of the rock between or at the small holes where the stream meets the River Traligill.

Position still remains uncertain as historic descriptions do not match the site as currently existing. No obvious elliptical hole either upstream or downstream. Confusion as to location not helped by various explorers apparently being unable to tell upstream from downstream or east from west (and assuming any hole in approximately the same location was Begba Hole whether it matched the description or not).

Hydrographic Feeds: Allt Poll an Droighainn

Hydrographic Resurgences: Allt Poll an Droighainn

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