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'H' Cave (Trelung Bay) [North Entrance]

S of Stonehaven, Trelung Bay, Aberdeenshire, Kincardineshire.

NGR:NO 87908 81549
WGS84:56.92508, -2.20027
Length:Not recorded
Vert. Range:Not recorded
Altitude:Not recorded
Geology:Not recorded
Tags:Cave, SeaCave

Sea Cave.

The 'H' cave consists of two tunnels going into the cliff in the NNE aligned S part of Trelung bay. These are linked by a third tunnel parallel to the cliff line, and about 10-15m in. This is the 'bar' of the 'H'. The north tunnel is about 20-30m long and ends in a boulder beach. The south tunnel curves round to the right (N) and may be more than 40m long. The linking tunnel is kayak navigable in the top half of the tide. All ceilings are quite low. N entrance NO 87908 81549; S entrance NO 87887 81503.

Alternate Names: None recorded.

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